Shaping the Future of Innovative Treatments with AI

October 26 - 27 | Virgin Hotel - New York

Connect with the leading minds and innovators in Pharma, Research and AI to expedite drug discovery decision-making and accelerate life-changing therapy development.

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October 26

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Dawn of a new era - Hyper-acceleration of R&D productivity


Yiannis Kiachopoulos | CEO and Co-Founder, Causaly

In the opening address, Yiannis Kiachopoulos, CEO and Co-founder of Causaly explores the transformative impact of AI on R&D productivity. Gain insights into the present challenges impeding R&D output and how AI can be applied to acceelerate innovation and efficiency to substantially augment Pharma R&D, propelling the industry into a new era of accelerated development and impactful breakthroughs.


Driving Discovery with AI: Inside Novartis’ Approach


Birgit Schoeberl | Global Head of Data Science, Novartis

Explore the practical side of AI with insights from Novartis' VP for Translational Modeling & Simulation and Data Science. Learn about Novartis’ internal AI initiatives with real-world use cases, including applications across predictive safety and target identification. This talk offers a firsthand look into successful AI strategies, including specific efforts in early development and discovery at Novartis, equipping attendees with actionable insights for their AI implementation journey.


[Fireside chat] AI and the Enterprise: Imagining the possibilities and debunking the myths


Anantha Kancherla | Engineer, Meta

Artur Saudabayev | CTO and Co-Founder, Causaly

In this fireside chat between Anantha Kancherla, the Former Head of AI Platform at Meta, and Artur Saudabayev, CTO & Co-founder of Causaly, get a balanced, forward-thinking perspective on AI-enabled enterprise transformation. Anantha and Artur will disentangle expectations from reality,  while offering their point of view on how the technology is poised to evolve and how organizations should prepare.


Lessons from Takeda: Laying the foundations to accelerate the path from data to insight


Sean Liu | Head of Scientific Assets & Decision Support, Takeda

This talk will provide a view into Takeda's blueprint for developing a connected, end-to-end data platform designed to transform information into knowledge. Learn how they are advancing the development of a global data and analytics platform, with a specific application in better lead identification and optimization. Explore their efforts in overcoming data silos, enabling streamlined access and insights into diverse datasets, and fostering efficient communication within the organization. 


Fireside Chat


Alex Gorsky | Former Chairman and CEO, Johnson & Johnson

Yiannis Kiachopoulos | CEO and Co-Founder, Causaly

A fireside chat between Alex Gorsky, Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson and Johnson, and Yiannis Kiachopoulos, CEO and Co-founder of Causaly. Alex will share his perspective on the profound impacts of emerging technologies on healthcare more broadly. Jointly, Alex and Yiannis will explore the unfolding future of AI-integrated biomedical research, drug development and healthcare solutions. 


Unlocking the Genomic Odyssey: Inspiring our scientists to discover new targets


Eric Adam | Global Head of Operations, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases, Roche

Navigate the complex world of neurology with Eric Adams, the Global Head of Operations, Neuroscience, and Rare Diseases at Roche. In a field marked by immense scientific challenges and unique hurdles to target discovery, emerging consortia and seminal research are rewriting the landscape. 

This session sheds light on innovative approaches to unearthing new neuro targets, offering a detailed glance into Roche's exploratory journey in this dynamic domain.


From Discovery to Triage: Improving the target selection process with multi-modal data


Kevin Munnelly | SVP, Platform technologies, Third Rock Ventures

Gain insights into the use of multi-modal data for robust target identification and triage spanning genetics, disease, molecular and cellular biology, disease models, pharmacology, and clinical aspects. Learn about the advanced methodologies and technologies employed for improving the target selection process, including the integration of tools like Causaly for enhanced mechanistic evidence.

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Causaly Evolution and Future Direction


Yiannis Kiachopoulos | CEO and Co-Founder, Causaly

Join us as we unveil a live demonstration of the Causaly Co-pilot, offering a glimpse into the exciting future of how the creative power and flexibility of LLMs can be combined with the high precision and verifiability of knowledge graphs for biomedical research. We also share details about our product roadmap, and strategic areas of focus for customer collaboration over the next 6-12 months.

Drinks and Canape Reception Followed by Dinner


Join us for a drinks and canape reception in Sky Bar Lounge at the Virgin Hotel NY. Followed by a seated dinner.

October 27

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The 100x Scientist - Amplifying innovation with AI


Stavroula Ntoufa | Director of Scientific Affairs, Causaly

Cartic Ramakrishnan | VP of Applied AI, Causaly

In this interactive session, explore how scientists can leverage technology to improve decisions and generate hypotheses across different use cases including disease biology, target identification and prioritization, and biomarker discovery among others.

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[Panel Discussion] Traversing the AI Frontier


Birgit Schoeberl | Global Head of Data Science, Novartis    

Eric Adam | Global Head of Operations, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases, Roche

Justin H. Johnson | Executive Director, Oncology Data Science, AstraZeneca

Caroline Xie | General Partner at ICONIQ Growth

Join R&D leaders from Novartis, Roche and Astra Zeneca for an illuminating panel discussion as they share how their organizations are embracing new technology, specific scientific and organizational hurdles they have encountered, and their unique perspectives and vision for the future. Engage in the conversation, explore diverse viewpoints, and garner key insights to inform and enhance your own organizational strategies and approaches.


Uncharted Waters: Navigating the evolving policy landscape of AI in Healthcare


Christina Silcox | Research Director for Digital Health, Duke-Margolis Center

As AI and digital health technologies evolve at unprecedented pace, navigating changes in the policy landscape is also crucial. In her talk, Christina will delve into the latest policy developments, initiatives and frameworks laid out by various U.S. and global agencies, including the FDA, focusing on the use of AI in health and medical product development.



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Deploying AI into the Enterprise


Bob van Luijt | Co-founder & CEO, Weviate

In this talk, Bob Van Luijt, Co-founder & CEO of Weaviate, takes us through what you need to know to effectively deploy AI systems into your organization. He breaks down in simple terms the known limitations of current AI models and approaches, how to measure and understand errors and risks, and appropriate mitigation measures. Through a combination of examples from other industries and stories from the field, Bob shares his insights and lessons on what to expect and consider in your own digital transformations.



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Outlook: Re-imagining the R&D organization of the future


Artur Saudabayev | CTO and Co-Founder, Causaly

In his closing address, Artur Saudabayev, CTO and Co-founder of Causaly wraps up the conference with his key takeaways. He imagines how the landscape of R&D organizations will be reshaped by innovative AI applications, enhanced collaborative frameworks, and accelerated discovery pathways.

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